Celebrating Valentine’s Day Past February 14th

This past Tuesday was Valentine's Day.  For as long as I can remember, Valentine’s Day has been associated with hearts, flowers, chocolates, cards, anything that expresses one’s love, devotion, and regard for another person. 

But why do we have to wait for that one day to express these emotions? 

What would happen if we show the people in our lives our love, devotion, and regard every day instead of just once a year?  Are we afraid of taking it for granted?  Of these emotions and actions becoming commonplace and the feelings somehow becoming less special?

Is it possible for love and devotion to become ordinary? 

Since I was little, I recall hearing men and women alike say that Valentine’s Day is a lot of work and stressful.  Finding the perfect card that reflects your feelings for another person, deciding which flowers, chocolates, and even jewelry to buy, and then trying to make reservations at the most popular restaurant.  It never sounded like fun, much less romantic.  

As I've grown up and have been either alone for Valentine's Day or out with someone special, I have often wondered, why put so much emphasis on this one day?  Yes, I know, consumerism and capitalism all have parts in it, but instead of making a production of our relationships this one day, why not say the words out loud every day?  Right this minute if you can.  And if it’s hard to say how you feel, why not write it on a piece of paper and leave it where you know your special person will see? 

If we decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day instead of just on February 14th, what would happen?   

Would we be kinder to one another?  Happier to see each other?  More gentle and softer in our conversations together? 

When someone is in your life every day, it is easy to take their presence for granted.  But if we made an intentional decision to show our love, devotion, caring every day, what kind of effect could that have on others?  How could it effect you?