5 reasons why many people get engaged during the holiday season?

Have you noticed that after the holidays our phones and social media feeds became inundated with posts of family and friends getting engaged?  It's such an exciting time and kicks off wedding season for many a wedding planner.  But what is it about the holidays that causes significant others to get down on one knee and pop the big question?  

Here are five reasons why the holidays are a good time to propose:

1.     Your parents are near.  If your partner wants to ask permission for your hand from your parents (old fashioned but still makes my heart melt when I hear this happens) this is a good time to do it as the holidays tend to bring family members from all over together.

2.     He can propose in front of those nearest and dearest to you.  What better way to propose than to do it in front of everyone who matters the most to you. 

3.     Proposing can be less stressful for your fiancé-to-be when he doesn’t have to worry about setting up the “perfect” scene. Many places during the holidays are decorated perfectly for a proposal.

4.     Jewelers tend to freeze their prices or offer discounts on rings during the holidays although I’ve been told this can run all the way till February (hello, Valentine’s day)

5.     Whether you want a short or long engagement, the next year is just around the corner and what better way to start the new year than getting to plan your wedding day.  (And let’s not forget with all your family nearby, you can decide on a date that works well for everyone).