It's More Than a Wedding

When you are planning your wedding, it's fun to get caught up on all the details: vendor appointments, choosing colors, flowers, dresses, the list goes on.  Sometimes, as the bride-to-be, you are so focused on having your day looking just right that you forget the reason for the wedding in the first place.

It's More Than a Wedding.  Yes, your big day is your day, but if you take away the dress, the flowers, the DJ, the reception, and even the guests, you have you and your partner vowing to love one another and pledging to spend the rest of your lives together. It's a celebration of the love you feel for one another. Make sure as you plan your wedding and are knee-deep in details that you stop and remember why you're getting married in the first place.  

Your fiancé.  You may have dreamt of your wedding day since you were a little girl, but in the whirlwind of planning and decision-making, don't forget to involve your partner. Even if your partner is less than enthused, try to find something of interest to involve them in the planning process.  By making decisions together as a couple, when your big day comes, you'll feel good that both of you had a hand in putting together the final result.  

You, as a couple.  The wedding day is the start of your married life with your partner.  Even if you were living together beforehand or you have been together for years, when you get married, you'll feel a shift in your relationship, a commonality that only the two of you share.  It is a great feeling and very special.  Your wedding day marks this transition.  Cherish it as this moment only happens once. 

How will you remind yourself that your wedding is more than a wedding?