Dealing with Anger

It's silly how easily our tempers can be ignited.  How one minute we can be really happy and then really angry next.  And how, when angry, we can say things in the heat of the moment that we'll regret later after our temper has cooled down. 

What can we do to control our emotions when our emotions seem uncontrollable?

Take yourself out of the situation.  Can you walk away?  Will it make things worse to leave the situation? Can you go into another room or go for a walk?  

Take a deep breath.  Try to get a handle on your emotions, on your anger.  Deep breathing.  Calming yourself.  

Write it out.  Sitting and writing every single emotion you are feeling.  What are the words that are going through your head that you want to yell at the person who has made you mad?  Instead of yelling them at someone, write it out.  Then take that paper and burn it.  

Talk to someone.  Not the person who made you angry.  But talk to a friend, a professional, someone who you can vent to and who may be able to help you get a better perspective on the situation.

Come back and talk about it.  When you've calmed down.  When you can approach the situation with a clear head and maybe a deeper understanding.  When you are able to listen to the side of the person who angered you. Come back and talk about it.  Don't let it sit between the two of you to build resentment and continued anger eventually consuming you and destroying something valuable. Talk about it. 

How do you deal with anger? What do you do when you are angry?