How to DIY Your Wedding Without Exhausting Yourself

When you get engaged, one of the first places you go to whether through recommendation or because you use it regularly is Pinterest.  Pinterest is an amazing resource of endless ideas.  But at the same time, it can be a double-edged sword.  There are so many great ideas and one search can lead you to another search and before you know it, you start to think you can DIY every bit of your wedding.  Trust me, I get it.  The step-by-step directions look so easy and your wedding is months from now so everything seems possible.

Before you go down the road of becoming a DIY maven, here are some things to consider:

Do you have the time?  DIY is amazing.  It adds a great personal touch to every bit of your wedding because you can proudly tell your guests, "I made that."  But in reality, do you have the time it takes to actually create everything you want? 

This is when you want to look at your life schedule - work obligations, social obligations, volunteering, time for family, friends, your fiancé, your pet, and most importantly, time for yourself.   How much time can you realistically afford every week to devote to making items for your wedding? 

What will you make?  There's a lot of great ideas out there in the internet.  Don't try to do them all, especially if crafting is not something you do regularly.  Find one to two things you think you can make and everything else just order online.  Pinterest ideas can usually be bought online through personal shops or Etsy

Do a test run.  Right now. This weekend. Or as soon as you decide you want to DIY something.  Buy enough supplies to make one or two items and then test it out.  Do you like what you made?  Your first test may not look so great but how did the second one come out?  Did you enjoy the process of making the item?  How much time did it take you to make it?

We know that the more often you do something, the better you will get at it.  But if you're bored by the second item or if you find yourself not being as detailed as you'd like then DIY may not be the path for you.  Whatever you make you want to make sure it looks the best you can as every feature enhances the feel of your wedding.  If you don't think you can give your best to every item, it may be worth reconsidering not doing. 

Plan ahead. If you decide you are going to make the party favors for each guest and you are inviting 150 guests, you need to plan out how much time you can realistically devote to making those favors. Take the date of your wedding, the time it took you to make the two samples, and then calculate backwards so you have enough time.  

For example, you need to make 150 party favors, you can make 10 favors every Saturday morning.  That will take 15 Saturday mornings, almost 4 months.  And this is if your favor is non-perishable.  If you are thinking of making something that has an expiration date, you need to make it closer to the wedding, which means less time to make it. 

Can anyone help you?  Invite others to help you out.  Maybe you don't have 4 months to work on your projects.  Can you invite your bridesmaids, your mom, your sister, your soon-to-be in-laws to help you out?  Would they be able to help you out? Would they want to?  If you are able to, have different groups come over different weekends and make a party out of the experience and that way no one is burnt out.

Does it fit with your budget? DIY can be cheaper.  However, make sure you budget in mistakes, mess ups, and accidents.  Shit happens.  Something can be destroyed, made poorly, needs to be redone.  Make sure you budget room for extra supplies. 

Do you have room to store your finished items?  If you are able to spread out the time to make the items, do you have a place to store the finished items, the work-in-progress items, and all of your supplies?  You also want to make sure you pack everything up safely.  Whether you are bubble wrapping, tissue wrapping, or placing in individual boxes make sure you pack everything up as you make them and then label the box so you know what it is and it doesn't accidentally get thrown out. 

And finally, Will you enjoy the process?  Looking at the endless ideas out there and thinking of spending the time creating them for your weekend, do you find joy or does the idea seem miserable?  The end result may be great but if you are wretched the entire time then it may not be worth the effort of DIY-ing. 

Your wedding should be a time of joy and happiness.  If making these items bring you that feeling, that's perfect!  But if they bring you tears and stress, it may be worth reconsidering.  Crafting is not for everyone although we may all wish we had the ability of being artistic.  Do what bring you joy inside. 

Do you know someone who has DIY'd their wedding decorations?  Are you thinking of DIY-ing? Share your comments below.