Why Breaking Up the Monotony Can Improve Your Life

I'm a creature of habit.  I have routines I like to follow, particularly on days when I have to go to work.  Some may call it boring, but for me, it helps me stay on track and there's a comfort in following the same schedule.  However, every now and then, I have found that changing my routine can be a good thing.  Here are some of the benefits I have found when I do something different to break up the monotony in my life:

I enrich my life.  Recently, I've taken to going on what I call Thursday adventures.  I leave work early and do something I don't normally do.  This past week I went to a museum.  The week before I went to check out some flower fields.  It's not something I normally do and in fact, to make these plans happen, I had to plan ahead and rearrange my schedule two months in advance.  But I really loved it.  I don't have another outing planned anytime soon, but I am hoping to make it a monthly thing and wouldn't it be great if I could do something new each time?

You feel amazing. When I was at the museum and the flower fields I had such a great time.  I was out of work when I normally would be in my office, I was enjoying the sunshine and the company of people I care for.  And when you're doing something not in the norm there's this carefree feeling you get that makes the simplest things feel remarkable.  

You get to see what other people are doing.  When I went to the flower fields there were a group of women sitting and having lunch together.  I didn't stop and stare but I eyed them as I was walking by and I remember thinking "what fun they must be having, eating their sandwiches among the flowers and talking together."  It's not something I would think to ever do.  I haven't been on a picnic in years, probably decades, but it was such a sweet act to see.  It made me want to call my circle of friends and plan a day for a ladies picnic. 

You get to try something new.  I didn't have to choose to go to the museum or see the fields of flowers, but they are both activities I have never done before.  Well, I've been to museums but not this particular kind.  It was a museum of ice cream.  Enough said.  

You can aim for spontaneity.  Not everything has to be planned.  I mentioned earlier that the two activities I did were planned a couple of months in advance.  I had to rework my schedule so I could go.  But you can also be spontaneous in breaking up your routine.  Plan something unexpected but easy: going to dinner solo at a restaurant you've been wanting to try in the middle of the week, taking an extended lunch break and going to see the newest movie, waking up early on a Saturday to go for a hike.  

There are so many things you can do to break up the monotony of our daily schedule.   Little things, unexpected things, things that take some planning (not a vacation but just a day activity).  These activities not only spice up your life and get you out of your routine but they also allow you to appreciate the moments when you're in your routine because you'll have the memory to draw upon or the event to look forward to.  

Give it a try.  Plan something that you normally wouldn't do and add it in your routine for one day.  How does it make you feel?  Did you enjoy yourself?  Comment below and share with us what you did.