Nontraditional Wedding Bouquets

Last weekend, I took a paper flower class.  Here's the flower I made, all from crepe paper.  


I had such a good time it made me think about alternative ideas to the traditional wedding bouquet.  So I went on the internet to find out what else is out there.  Here are my favorite nontraditional wedding bouquets I found.  This is another great way to personalize your wedding if you are not particular to flowers:

A burlap bouquet.  For every farm, cowgirl, rustic, outdoor wedding.

A succulent bouquet.  For every desert, environmentally-friendly bride. Or if you just love having different shades of green. 

A yarn bouquet.  For the crafty bride in all of us. 

A seashell bouquet.  I didn't think it was possible to turn seashells into a wedding bouquet but this one is so pretty, I want one for myself. 

A paper bouquet.  There are so many different types of paper bouquets out there, but I love this one because of the colors.  I look at it and think of spring fields and summer nights. 

A cupcake bouquet. Can you believe these flowers are cupcakes?!  They look so real. Everyone loves desserts and what better way to walk down the aisle holding a bouquet of cupcakes you and your honey can eat in the car to the reception.  

I had such a great time looking for nontraditional wedding bouquets.  Have you thought of using a nontraditional bouquet?  What would you do?