When No One Likes Your Wedding Dress

One of the questions I am often asked when shopping for a wedding dress, is how many people should I bring with me?  Thanks to shows like Say Yes to the Dressbrides-to-be think that dress shopping means bringing an entourage of women with them.  And while we know that isn't always necessary, having group support can be great affirmation.  This week's blog, is Part 1 of a two-part series, in which we delve into the wedding dress process and what do you do when you fall in love with a dress that no one else likes?

Before you invite anyone to dress shop with you, here are a few questions to as yourself to help set your wedding dress experience for success:

  • Who do I want to bring?  
  • How much do their opinions matters to me?  
  • If they disagree with me, how will I feel?  
  • If they force me to try on a dress I don't like, what will I do? How will I feel?
  • If they criticize rather than compliment, how will I respond?  How will I feel?
  • Will they try and take the attention away from me? Or will they be supportive? 

These are just a few questions to start.  Depending on how you answer these questions, follow them up with:

  • If these individuals are not with me, will I be okay?  
  • Is there presence a requirement for my happiness? 
  • Should I bring them on this first trip or wait until I narrow down my search?

The next set of questions to ask yourself are similar to the first; however, you'll be digging deeper into how you feel when it comes to their opinions.  At this stage, you'll want to think of past situations in which you wanted their opinion on something they may not have agreed with.  Try to remember a situation and see how you felt at that time and if you think it could come up again when it comes to dress shopping.

  • Will they be honest with their opinions or will they tailor their responses based on mine?
  • How much of their responses will matter to me?  
  • Will I be swayed by what they say even if I'm in disagreement?
  • If they don't like the dress I love, how will I feel?
  • Would I be okay getting a dress they love, but I don't?  

If you notice, almost after every question, you are asking yourself ends with, How will I feel?  Like many aspects of wedding planning and life, you want to make a decision based on how the action makes you feel.  Do you feel expansive or do you feel contracted?  In other words, does your body feel tight and tense or do you feel uplifted and relaxed?  

By paying attention to how your body responds as you ask yourself the questions can help you decide who you want to bring with you as you search for your wedding dress.  

What do you think of this process? Comment below if you have tried something similar or if you tried asking yourself these questions and if they worked for you. And stay tuned for next week's blog on Part 2 of wedding dress shopping.