When You Are Ready

Starting Line

When you are ready, when the moment is right, things start to happen.  It can start off as a conversation with someone at the coffee shop while you wait to place your order, which can turn into a mutual connection, an exchange of business cards, a follow up email, and before you know it you are at a networking event meeting the movers and shakers in your industry.

When you are ready, opportunities will appear.  A class will be offered that will provide you with the skill to finesse your craft.  A posting for job that needs extras in a field that you want to learn more about.  A mixer where you support a cause will lead to an introduction to your next business opportunity. 

When you are ready, people will come into your life.  You attend a class and stop to pay a compliment to the instructor which leads to an invitation to meet for coffee and the ability to learn further.  You sign up to watch a free webinar and end up clicking the link for a free consultation call which leads to finding your business mentor.  You join a networking group and you meet like-minded individuals who are on the same trajectory as you and understand the ups and downs of your life. 

When you are ready, realizations start to happen.  You realize that the dreams you have dreamt are on the path of coming true.  That the life you know you were meant to live is not a secret you have to keep to yourself for fear of being ridiculed but is one to be shared with all that is willing to hear and support you.  

When you are ready, you take that first step.  What use to be an image in your mind, a plan with no definitive path, a theory with no support, shapes into a concrete idea with a plan that will take you from Step A to Step B to Step C all the way to Step Z and then start again.  

When you are ready, you will find the excuses and distractions that have once worked before are not working now.  The fire has been lit and you are a flame that will consume. 

When you are ready, you will start.