The Power of Having a Vision

Before I really got into the field of self-improvement, I use to daydream.  A LOT.  What I didn't realize back then and what I know now, is that my daydreams were an amateur form of visioning. I would create an image in my mind and imagine a story to go with it.  I could replay the same story in my mind for weeks and months on end.  My daydreams never came true and would usually fade and be replaced with a new daydream.

As an adult, I read about the power of creating an intentional vision.  As a child, my daydreams had no focus nor purpose.  As an adult, when I create a vision it is very intentional.  Many people create vision boards and while I have a couple of those propped in the corner of my room, I tend to rely on the vision I create in my mind.  Watch the video below to see why I believe in the power of creating a vision and how I create mine.   

Have you ever created a vision board?  Or create a vision in your mind that you focus on and think about daily?  Share with us below!