The Reward of Persistence

Many times in our lives, we choose a goal.  It may be a short-term goal, a long-term goal, or a dream goal.  With each goal that we make, we have a choice.  We can choose to either pursue the goal or change it or even forget about it.  It's a compilation of our goals that dictate the lives we lead.  

I have been pursuing the path of entrepreneurship off and on since 2012.  There's been a lot of ups and downs.  Many times I have faced the uncertainty of whether this path is the right path or not.  I try to think of  the bigger picture but at the same time I tend to focus on the smaller points like how am I going to pay my bills.  I am the proverbial tortoise in the race going so slow that at times people forget that I am an entrepreneur.

Have I thought of quitting?  All the time.  

Will I ever quit?  No.  Most definitely not.

Because on this path the one thing that I remember whenever I feel that I've hit another roadblock are all the times I would sit and ask myself "is this it?  isn't there more to life than this?"

I may not have everything I have set as a goal for myself.  I actually don't have anything on that list when it comes to my business...yet.  But I do know, that I won't stop.  I will continue to pursue and persist and ironically have learned that the reward of persistence is persistence itself.  It may sound cliche and not very profound but that's the truth of it.  

By not giving up and continuing on, I have learned that I am more resilient, stubborn, and determined that I ever thought I was.  I have learned that while I may not accomplish something as quickly as I had hoped, I have it in me to keep going and not quit in the middle of the race.  It's not easy but then no one said it would be. 

So when you set your goal and weeks go by, then months, and before you know it, years have gone by and the goal still hasn't come to fruition, if the dream is still there for you, keep going.  Don't stop pursuing.  Don't stop persisting.  It doesn't matter that the tortoise beat the hare.  What matters is that the tortoise never stopped and eventually finished the race.