Tips for Staying Organized

Staying Organized

We're busy women, you and I.  We have a lot going on between our careers, our side hustles, our friends, family, partners, volunteer activities, hobbies....the list seriously can go on and on and on.  In a world where being on the go is the norm and it seems that the busier you are the more impressed people are with you, what do you do to stay organized?  Below are my tips for how I am able to stay organized that way staying on track is easier. 

Tip #1: Put it on your calendar.  Whether use the calendar on your phone or you carry a day planner or you post-it notes everywhere make sure you write down all important meetings, meals, and even phone calls.  Personally, I am very attached to the calendar app on my phone.  If I didn't write things on there I wouldn't remember half the things I did.  And if you're able to color code it (for those that carry a day planner) that's even better!  

Tip #2: Have designated areas.  When I get home my purse and keys go in a certain place.  That way, I don't have to remember where I put them whenever I'm heading out because they are always in the same place.  Paperwork that I need to file away I put in a certain place in my room and then whenever I get a chance (I aim for twice a month but in reality it's more like once a month) I go through the papers, file away what I need to and scan and shred the rest.  I don't have to search for papers because they're all in the same place.  This also works for clothes, jewelry, books, toys, anything.  Knowing where things below is always helpful when it comes to being organized.  

Tip #3: Purge regularly.  Clothes, paperwork, household appliances if you haven't used it in over a year, it's time to say goodbye.  I'm a regular purger.  I'm constantly going through my closet getting rid of things I don't wear anymore or items I bought to use in the kitchen that I've never used.  I understand this can be hard for some of us, but think of it this way "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Not saying our belongings are trash (because they aren't) but clothes, appliances, books, and toys were made to be used.  And if you're not using them, wouldn't it be better if someone else was? 

These are the three main ways I stay organized so I can stay on track with everything I need to do.  What do you do to stay organized?  Does it help you stay on track with your goals? Share with us if you do anything different.  I love learning new ways of staying organized.