Eating My Way to a Healthier Life

Photo by  Cel Lisboa  on  Unsplash

Photo by Cel Lisboa on Unsplash

Earlier this year I signed up to join a 90 day program to help me change my diet from unhealthy eating to healthy eating.  I don't eat a lot of fast food but I realized I eat more frozen, processed food and I had more of a sweet tooth than I thought.  Needless to say, during the 90 days I learned quite a bit about myself and my relationship to food.

1) I'm easily influence by those around me.  I live alone and when it's just me doing my thing I can eat really healthy- lean proteins, lots of veggies, and water.  But whenever I eat with anyone in a social environment, I have no self-control whatsoever.  Some things were easy to say no too, like turning away the rolls from the bread basket or drinking soda.  But other things like dessert, pasta, and alcohol.  Such a struggle!

2) I became aware of my food sensitivities.  I never realized how sweet foods would make my mouth feel sticky or how I would burp whenever I would eat bread and cheese! My favorites! And now every time I have something with cheese, I get indigestion.  And every time I have ice cream, my mouth feels thick and sticky.  Things I had never noticed before become so obvious when you eat healthy.

3) The over-the-top full feeling, which was how I use to associate the end of a meal for me does not feel good.  In fact, whenever I eat healthy, at the end of each meal, my body would feel really good.  I would feel satisfied but not sick.  Now, if I ever eat anything bad like pizza or pasta or dessert, I always feel a bit uneasy after.  My stomach feels fuller and that indigestion feels so uncomfortable, borderline nauseous.

4) Temptation is around every corner.  There are so many great food items to try, lots of times it feels that there's so many dessert options out there and everything looks amazing, you can't help but want to try it.  And let me say, I do.  My new lifestyle change of healthier eating does not require me to deprive myself.  However, what I have noticed is that when I eat something that can be considered bad for me (I'm thinking of you pizza!) as tasty as the item is, I've come to realize the awful feeling I get after isn't quite worth the yummy 10-second taste.  And so maybe I'll have that slice of pizza once a month or so if the desire to have it ever comes up.  But once that craving goes away, I'll doubt I'll voluntarily have it again. 

This is definitely an ongoing process for me.  I know the temptation to indulge in unhealthy food will always be there.  But if I want better health, I know that even though I may slip, I can easily jump back on the bandwagon and eat healthy just as easily. 

Have you ever tried changing your diet from processed foods and desserts to lean proteins and vegetables?  How did it go for you?  Did you find your tastebuds changing?  Share with us below!