Saving for Your Wedding

Saving for Your Wedding

For many couples, wedding decisions are based on their wedding budget.  Sometime a budget can be set by the couple's parents, grandparents, godparents, even their community.  Other times, a couple will pay for their entire wedding on their own.  And yet, no matter who is paying for your wedding, the budget is what dictates how elaborate a wedding can be.  

If you and your fiancé are paying for your wedding on your own or contributing to your wedding budget, here are some tips on how you can start saving: 

Tip #1: Have the money talk with your honey.  Together you will want to look at your current expenses, your income, and how much you have left over after all the necessary bills are paid each month.  In a separate column, tally up your dispensable expenses (things like Starbucks, lunches out, dinners out, social engagements, shopping, etc.), anything that you can temporarily put on hold for a couple of months and then resume again after your wedding is over. 

Tip #2: Set your wedding budget. Do you want a large wedding or a small one?  This is a good time for you and your fiancé to decide how much you want to spend on your wedding.  You don't have to make decisions on where you want to get married or how many people you want to invite yet.  You just want to set a number you both feel comfortable spending on your wedding.  For example, you're okay spending $30k, but your fiancé wants to spend less than $20k.  This is a conversation that's good to have in the beginning. 

Tip #3:  When do you want to get married?  Are you in a hurry to get married or do you have time?  The longer you have till your wedding the more time you'll have to save up for it.  It doesn't hurt to have the money talk with your fiancé early on, even before you are engaged.  As long as it is something you both know you want to have happen one day, start talking about it so you can start saving up for it.

Tip #4: Are you open to getting a second job?  This doesn't have to be permanent, but there are many jobs you and your fiancé can pick up temporarily to supplement your income so you can have the wedding of your dreams.  There are so many great jobs like delivery services, drivers, photographers, anything you have experience in that can help you earn extra money.  

That's it! Good luck saving for your wedding and comment below if there are any other tips you and your fiancé used when saving up for your wedding you can share with our community.