Do You Take the Time to Recharge?

Photo by  Kyle Ryan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kyle Ryan on Unsplash

We live in a society where we are constantly on the go and awarded for being busy.  In fact, we seem to be awarded and praised the busier we are.  More often than not, when someone says they’re doing nothing and just relaxing, we look at them with envy but will respond with “Oh, I have too much to do, I could never sit and do nothing.”

Almost as if we are bragging with how busy we are. But really, is this something we should brag about? 

According to the International Labour Organization, Americans work more hours than the majority of the countries in the world.  And personally, how often do you hear friends and coworkers say that they are being forced to take vacation or else they’ll lose the hours they’ve accumulated?  Don’t you think it’s more shocking that they have hours they are required to take, which is usually done at the end of their calendar year, instead of taking time throughout the year to relax and recharge? 

Why is recharging our bodies such a difficult thing to do?

How often do you allow yourself to sit and relax?  No agenda, just sitting and enjoying the moment. 

In my own life, I was one of the employees that wouldn’t take vacation during the year and then when I was told I had to use my vacation hours or lose them, I would take time off and not do anything or go anywhere.  I believe I would spend most of the time running errands and then coming home and watching tv.  Not very active, not very stimulating.  And I get it, there are just some days when all we want to do is lay on the couch and veg out in front of the tv.  But there are other times, when recharging needs to be more than being a couch potato.

So what have I done to change myself from being the employee that lets her vacation hours accumulate to actually taking time off every month:

I changed my diet and started being more active. I was getting sick pretty regularly.  I didn't realize that it was my body's way of telling me that something was wrong.  I was eating bad and not really working out and whenever I thought I was starting to get better I would start coughing or sneezing again.  I changed my diet: eating more veggies, more protein, and less carbs, dairy, and sugar.  Then I started hiking on the weekends.  It's hard for me to find time to work out during the week.  I'm not very disciplined, but planning a hike every Saturday morning with a different friend each weekend, was a schedule I was able to stick to.   

I let friends and family know I was open to travel. It's amazing how many people want to travel and are looking for a travel buddy.  Now, I don't travel with everyone and I don't travel to every place offered, but if it's a place I'm interested in going and the price is right, count me in!  It's amazing how affordable it is to travel.  

If there's no where to go, I plan for outings around town. As many of you know, I live in Southern California.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by theme parks, beaches, mountains, and many, many tourist destinations. But going to all of these places can add up and recharging doesn't have to mean spending money.  So I did an internet search on "free local activities" and so many recommendations popped up.  When I have a free day rather than sitting and watching tv all day, I pick a free local activity and I head out and do it.  

There are so many ways to recharge.  Recharging doesn't mean traveling nor does it mean spending money.  Recharging is a personal activity and is different for each of us. What do you do to recharge? Share with us below!