Knowing when you’re doing too much

Photo by  Cristian Newman  on  Unsplash

In December I signed up for a program I thought I really wanted to join.  The program started in January and I thought I was ready for it.  Turns out I wasn’t.  Because when the program started, I had four other things happening at the same time.  Needless to say I was incredibly overwhelmed, especially when I found out how much weekly work I would need to put into the program.  And I don’t know about you, but when I’m overwhelmed, I freeze and I do absolutely nothing.  It’s like my brain can’t handle how much it needs to do so it shuts down and decides to do nothing.

On top of that, the other things I had happening, I couldn’t postpone them.  They were family related and work related and they demanded my time and attention right away.  So I had to make a choice: do I stay in this program or do I withdraw?  There was a bit of a time crunch because I only had a couple of weeks in order to get a refund and if I was going to withdraw I really wanted the refund.  But I also wanted to be in this program.  There was the thought process that I could stay in the program and since I had lifetime access I could take it whenever I was ready.

But let’s be real here, how many times, have you bought something with the intention to use it later and never did?  Because that has happened to be countless times in countless programs.  I think I’ll do it and I don’t end up finishing it.  It’s a terrible habit of mine but I totally get caught up in the benefits of different programs and before I know it I’m convincing myself I need it and I’ll figure out when to take the program and how I’ll pay off my credit card.  Not. Good. At. All.

And I really didn’t want to start my 2018 following patterns I have doing for the past five years.  Because that pattern has only given me more debt and unfinished programs.  It was time for a new pattern to begin. So today I'm sharing with you my process on how I made my decision:

  • I sat in a quiet space and took a few deep breaths.  I was actually in my car driving home from work.  I turned the radio off and just breathed through my emotions.
  • I went deep to see what I was really feeling.  What was I going to miss out on? How would it feel? If I stayed in the program, would I feel okay or would I feel more stressed and overwhelmed?  Could I devote the time and attention the program deserved or would I half-ass it?
  • I broke it down. What were the pros and cons staying versus leaving the program?
  • I made the decision and then did nothing.  That’s right.  I made my decision and then left it alone.  I stopped thinking about it and I went about my day.  I didn't think about it for two days.  When I was ready, exactly two days later, I tapped into my emotions and I saw that there were no guilt and only relief.  It was the right decision.

Two days later, I sent an email asking for a refund and while I was still nervous and wondering if I was going to regret it, I knew the answer would be negative.  I had to do what’s right for me and I knew by staying in the program I would be doing too much and I would stress myself out.  I also knew if I stayed in the program even with the lifetime access, I probably wouldn’t ever go into it like the other programs I paid for and did nothing with. 

And since then, I have felt no regret.  I haven't thought about the program once.  And I have moved on with my life.  And I have not signed up for another program.  

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever added more to your to-do when you already have a lot going on?  Do you know when you’re doing too much?  What do you to do manage it? Share with us below!