The time I thought I was meeting 300 brides

Photo by  Brittany Gaiser  on  Unsplash

Last weekend I participated in my first wedding expo.  It was the first time I attended one as a vendor.  When I was a wedding planner I use to go yearly to expos to check out the offerings or to go with clients.  It was a completely different feeling experiencing it from the other side.

For one thing, there were an anticipated 300 guests expected to attend.  300 people is a lot! Working a wedding for 300 people, I can do no problem.  But working a table where I have to talk to 300 potential bridal clients is a new experience. And as an introvert who does better in small groups than large crowds, I was incredibly intimidated.

But I prepared and I prepped myself.  I was ready with my swag and mentally ready, and to be honest, I was excited to be able to share my work with women.  This was going to be the first time I would be able to talk to many women about the work I do; that in itself was going to be fun.  Because I believe mental and emotional health is so important and I am very passionate talking about it and bringing awareness to the masses about it.  

So while I was ready to share my message with all the women attending the expo, what I forgot is that sometimes life has another plan.

As you know I live in Southern California, we don’t get many rainy days here.  In one year, I can usually count how many rainy days we get on one hand.  But lo and behold, the day before the wedding expo, what happens?!  We get a night of rain! And as a born and raised Southern Californian, I can tell you, that when it rains, we rarely leave our homes.  So when I was driving to the wedding expo the next morning, while it was no longer rainy, it was still overcast and I wasn’t sure what that would do for attendance. 

And so what happened?  Well, it didn’t matter how intimidated I felt or how much I prepared because when Mother Nature calls, we’re all affected one way or another.  And what that meant is that my worry about being intimidated talking to potentially 300 women was all for naught.  Because the rainy Saturday and a gloomy Sunday morning meant most Southern Californians stayed inside and the anticipated 300 turned into about 30 people.  Not 30 couples, 30 people! 30 instead of the anticipated 300! That’s a huge difference. 

Was I disappointed?  A little.

Was I relieved?  A lot.

Because if I were, to be honest, the rain was exactly what I needed.  I had been so intimidated by the idea of talking to so many brides, but due to the grace of rain, there was a small turnout.  That meant each bride that came to my table, I was able to spend some time getting to know them, talk to them, and really engage with them that felt good for me and allowed with me to connect with them better. How wonderful was that?

I believe in the saying that “the universe only gives you what you can handle” from Paulo Coelho.  Maybe the Universe knew how nervous I was and how I may not be at my best if every single one of the 300 brides came to the expo.  I'm not saying it rained just for me, but I do appreciate the helping hand I received. And while I couldn't predict how many people would have shown up, I did make sure I was prepared for it just in case. 

Has this happened to you?  Was there an event in your life you were nervous about, but the reality was nowhere near what you had anticipated?  How did you prepare yourself?   Share your story with us below!

And you may be wondering, will I do another wedding expo again?  The answer is, of course, I actually went home that night and signed up for another one in 3 weeks. :)