Should You Have an Adult-Only Wedding?

One question I am asked from brides is whether or not they should have an adult-only wedding. For some couples, this can be a difficult answer while for others an easy one.  Here are some tips I give couples when it comes to making decisions on whether they should have an adult-only wedding or not. 

Tip #1: Is there room in your guest list for kids? Sometimes this question can easily be answered based on logistics.  Does your venue have room to include all of your guests plus their children?  

Tip #2: How many family members/friends have kids? If only a few of your guests have kids then it may be easier to have an adult-only wedding.  This allows your guests with kids to have a kid-free evening.  And as your invitation is sent out weeks, sometimes months in advance, that gives your guests plenty of time to find a sitter. But if the majority of your guests have kids, it may be easier to invite their kids and then you can plan activities to keep the kids entertained and still allow their parents to have a good time.

Tip #3: What kind of atmosphere do you want your reception to convey? If you want your guests to get dressed up and feel formal, then allowing guests to bring their kids, may detract from the classy reception you are hoping for.  If you want a party-celebration feeling, then inviting kids can definitely add to a more relaxed vibe. 

Tip #4: Do you have activities planned to keep the kids entertained? This isn't mandatory, but is always a nice gesture for parents of kids when activity books, coloring books, or even a play section is set up so that the kids can be entertained during the reception. 

Tip #5: Will your guests be offended if their kids are not invited? This doesn't come up often, but it does come up so I feel I should mention that sometimes, particularly among family, feelings can be hurt if kids are not invited.  To help navigate through this, you may want to ask a parent, a grandparent, or an elder of the family to make sure what the overall family feelings are regarding kids and not inviting them to weddings.

Overall, whether you choose to have a an adult-only wedding or not, you want to make sure you are creating the wedding of your dreams.  I hope these tips help you in making a decision.  Comment below and share with us if you have chosen to have an adult-only wedding or not!