Wedding Alchemist Intuitive Reading

Do you want to get a better grips of your being and soul in order to make better life decisions? Then the intuitive reading is just for you! 

An intuitive reading can be described in many ways, and each description varies, depending on a person's experience. At Wedding Alchemist, we conduct intuitive readings through Akashic Records Reading.  

What's an Akashic records reading? 

An Akashic Records Reading is a reading of your soul records. Every soul has a story and every story can lead to revelations that can help you in your life today.  

How can it help you?

Using your records to access your story is amazing and incredibly powerful. During an Akashic Reading, you will be able to ask questions of your Record Keepers for all aspects of your life. This is not a psychic reading, but it can help guide you in making decisions. Through your records, you can obtain information that will help align your life and set you on a path to fulfilment and happiness. 

what others are saying:

Thank You, Rachelle, for a wonderful healing/reading. You are very gifted and extremely accurate in reading my records. I am very grateful for you and your kindness, as well as your gift. Have a lovely evening!
— Cyndi Crockett

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